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Installment Agreement Negotiated Through Appeals

A company in Varnville, South Carolina owed $45,120 to the Internal Revenue Service and hired Sequoia Tax Relief to formalize an Installment Agreement for them. With our client’s financials, we requested an Installment Agreement of $250 per month. Our client stated she was comfortable in a monthly payment plan not to exceed $500 per month. We negotiated with the Appeals Officer and he agreed to place the account in an Installment Agreement for $250.00 for the remainder of the year beginning May 28, 2018. The Installment Agreement is scheduled to increase to $275 in 2019 and $300 in 2020. The payments over the life span of the account using the Collection Statute Expiration Dates will total approximately $33,850, saving our client $11,270 without the additional accrual of penalties and interest over the next nine years. Total savings on the account will approach $20,000.