Here's what our clients have to say about Sequoia Tax Relief.

"Sequoia Tax Relief is a good reliable trust worthy company. They have represented us in the utmost professional way working with the IRS on our behalf. If you need enrollment agents to represent and fight for you, I would recommend the Sequoia team. Don't try to talk to the IRS on your own, let the professionals do it for you!"


"Sequoia is outstanding.  Always took care of my issues and informed me of stuff before I even knew about it.  I would give them a 5 star rating!"


"Thank you Jetta for your wonderful message with the great news that our amount due is now ZERO.  Thank you for all your hard work with this”

- Casi

As a client of Sequoia Tax Relief, I would like to share the experience I’ve had with them to resolve my personal tax liabilities.

Due to extenuating circumstances not unlike those that many of us face in the course of our financial lives I found myself with a very large tax liability, and no realistic possibility of ever paying that liability.

During this ordeal the IRS levied all my bank accounts and garnished my wages. My situation was dire, and I was facing financial ruin.

I knew I needed help, which is how my relationship with Sequoia began.

Through the course of this relationship Sequoia was able to manage this process for me and my family, successfully negotiating a release of the levies on my accounts, ending the wage garnishment, and arranging an agreement with the IRS through the Fresh Start initiative.

The account representative and staff at Sequoia are true professionals, knowledgeable in tax matters and tax relief, but also genuine individuals who work on behalf of their client’s interest to find a realistic solution to what for most of us is one of the most difficult situations we will ever encounter in life.

I am fortunate to have found the good people at Sequoia Tax Relief, I will always be grateful for the good work they’ve done on behalf of me and my family.

Bill H.

"I have dealt with April at Sequoia tax for quite a while. She has been a pleasure to work with. She ALWAYS returns calls, answered my questions and followed up with any needed information.  Good job Sequoia for hiring a great person."

-Karen C.

"The Sequoia Tax Relief team is amazing. They have been extremely helpful in navigating this stressful and difficult situation. They have been diligent and helpful in offering advice on how to encourage the IRS to approve an affordable monthly payment. I am confident in the selection we made to go with the Sequoia Team as they operate with skill, excellence and honesty; these are three priceless attributes of a company I am grateful to have on our side. I look forward to our continued relationship as we see this through to resolution. Thank you Sequoia for making this process as smooth as possible!"


"April has been working on my case for years. I highly recommend her with Sequoia. She has certainly provided me peace of mind in a stressful situation."


“Sequoia placed me in ‘Current Not Collectible’ and all ‘Collection Statute Expiration Dates’ are running in December. Sequoia saved me approx. $40,000.”

-F.W., Richardson, TX

"Excellent staff and company. They help individuals and businesses with back tax liability and educate them how not to get into trouble in the future."


“Adam did a very good job for me resolving a complicated problem.”

-T.S., Savannah, GA

“I couldn't be happier with the attention to detail and effort put into my account. No matter the final outcome I know my Sequoia Team is tackling my problem as good, if not better than any other services firm could. Thank you guys for the hard work!!”

-Joe Morin

“Since this all began years ago, I have learned more patience than I thought I ever had.  Thank Amanda for continuing to work with me, and for her unflagging attention to detail and care for her clients.  You will learn so much from her, especially how to be a wonderful advocate for your clients.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I hope to get those forms back to you soon so we can get on our tasks!!! Thanks, and politically incorrect hugs for all!”  -Holly

“Sequoia saved me about $230,000.  Thank you!”

-Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ

"Sequoia Tax Relief has been incredibly helpful in assisting me dealing with my tax issues. I am self employed and keeping track of and working through the bureaucracy of the IRS can be daunting. Sequoia patiently worked through all my issues - got me on a plan that I can afford and put me on the right track. Thanks!

- P.W.

"My husband and I have been working with Amanda for the past year, and she always provides exemplary service. She possesses a wealth of knowledge surrounding tax relief services and she's extremely responsive. We love working with her!" - L.C.

“Sequoia has done extraordinary work in saving our company tens of thousands of dollars in California state taxes and in federal taxes. I highly recommend using Sequoia Tax.”

-T.D., Los Angeles, CA

“Great job. Thorough and eager to please. Sequoia is one in a million. They care.”

-M.N., Rochelle Park, NJ

"I have been very pleased with the professionals at Sequoia Tax Relief. For years I tried to deal with my IRS problems myself and only got deeper in trouble. Finally turned it over to them and they were able to develop a plan and get me into the right channels to start making positive progress with resolving my issues. Jetta, one of the associates handling my case, has been extremely helpful guiding me with the proper forms to fill out, answering my questions, and keeping me informed of the progress of THEIR IRS interactions on my behalf. Having them deal with the IRS directly has lifted an enormous emotional burden from me and restored my confidence that all that can be done to solve my problems is being done by professionals who know what they are doing. I'm sure they can help you too."

-Alfred Moreschi

“I owed 43K, and Sequoia negotiated it down to just $4,300.”

-Anonymous, Hollywood, FL

"After a failing company, fixing all of my tax problems was very daunting. Sequoia has been there every step of the way. Anytime something pops up out of the blue all I have to do is call them and they handle it. Tax issues and dealing with the government can be very stressful. They have taken some of that stress away. Every time I get on the phone with April I fell better, and I know Sequoia is doing everything they can to help. I would definitely recommend calling them for their services." - Wendy L

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